Direct Debit upgrades and conversions masterclass

Find out how to convert more enquirers and donors to monthly Direct Debit giving, as well as how to run effective DD upgrade campaigns.

DD conversion and upgrade appeals are some of the most important fundraising activities you can do, as they build stable, longer-term income. In this session you’ll learn how to develop successful DD conversion and upgrade appeals, as well as when to run them.

We’ll share examples of ‘cash to Direct Debit’ and ‘DD upgrade’ appeals and show you in detail how to write and present these appeals. We’ll also show you to fit them into your supporter journeys and how to analyse and interpret your results.

What you’ll learn

  • Why having an effective conversion and upgrade programme is so important
  • What sort of conversion and upgrade appeals to send – and when to send them
  • What makes an strong conversion and upgrade appeal
  • How to write effective copy appeal for direct mail and emails
  • How to decide what monthly amounts to ask for
  • What results to expect
  • How to analyse and interpret the results of conversion and upgrade appeals.

What you’ll receive

  • Free guide to effective fundraising appeals
  • Free Conversion and Upgrade results template.

This is a two-hour interactive session delivered via Zoom (or your prefered online platform) for up to 10 participants.

Cost is £1,000 (excl VAT).

To book this session or find out more, please email