Low cost supporter recruitment masterclass

Discover the easiest and cheapest way to recruit new donors.

Recruiting new supporters has become difficult and expensive for many charities. But in this session we will show you a simple and cost-effective way to do it, using your existing touch points with the public.

You’ll learn a step by step process to identify the places where you’re likely to recruit the most supporters from. We’ll then show you how to prioritise these sources, and then how to recruit as many new supporters as possible from each of these.

What you’ll learn

  • Why recruiting new donors doesn’t have to be expensive
  • How to conduct a holistic and systematic touch point review for your organisation
  • How to identify and prioritise channels for recruitment
  • How to optimise existing touch points to recruit more new donors
  • How to make efficient use of spend on recruitment.

What you’ll receive

  • Free guide to effective fundraising appeals
  • Free spreadsheet to help you run your ‘Touch points review’.

This is a two-hour interactive session delivered via Zoom (or your prefered online platform) for up to 10 participants.

Cost is £1,000 (excl VAT).

To book this session or find out more, please email info@changestar.co.uk