Podcast Ep 4 – How to make politics better – with Neal Lawson











A new episode of Richard Docwra’s podcast is out today – and it’s a particularly important and interesting one with Neal Lawson on how to make politics better for everyone.

Neal is a political commentator and a director of the centre-left pressure group Compass. He was an adviser to Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, is the editor of the political journal Renewal and has regularly appeared on TV and in newspapers to talk politics.

Neal, like many people, feels that traditional politics is broken, and that to get a better, fairer and more sustainable future for everyone, we need to build a new vision of politics that is rooted in people’s lives, relationships and communities. A ‘bottom-up’ approach, where politicians listen to people, give them more power and shape policy based on their needs, rather than the current ‘top-down’ approach where ‘politicians know best’ and impose policies on the population.

In this conversation we explore the work Neal does and why it matters – as well as how we can all have hope and work towards a better future, even in difficult times.

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