New podcast coming soon!

                    We’re very excited to announce that our director, Richard Docwra, will be launching a new #podcast net week, called ‘Making the world better’! In the podcast, Richard talks to people who are making the world better – not just those tackling big issues at a … Continued

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How to vote on Thursday

  You may think that a business shouldn’t make political statements. But the aim of our business is to seek positive social change – so politics is what we’re about. We could write a much longer piece on this, but for the sake of brevity, here is our simple point. Nearly all of the causes … Continued

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Charity Calendar Re-launch

In 2015, we published a blog post containing a list of charity fundraising events and awareness days for the year. We thought it would be a useful little resource for people to be able to see what’s on in the charity world – partly to help the public decide what fundraising events they could get … Continued

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