Fundraiser’s Zoom call 11am, 12th June – Legacy appeals


In the last few weeks during lockdown we’ve started organising a Zoom call every Friday at 11am in which fundraisers can get together, chat about key issues and exchange ideas and learning with each other.

These calls have been a great success so far, with fundraisers from a wide range of charities taking part. Join our Fundraiser’s Friend mailing list to stay in touch with  future invites and do send us your requests for fundraising topics you’d like to see covered.

In our fundraisers video call this week we’ll be exploring legacy appeals and why they matter now more than ever. We’d love you to join us 11am, Friday 12th June. Please just drop us an email at to sign up for it.

In this Friday’s zoom call we’ll be looking at legacy fundraising strategy and tactics and talk through a simple but effective legacy appeal pack which could increase your legacy income by up to eight times! We’ll reflect on why legacy appeals are of particular importance in the current climate of the coronavirus crisis. We’ll then open it out for everyone to share their experiences and ask any questions. If you’d just like to listen rather than speak or ask a question, you’d be very welcome too.

On the call will be RIchard Docwra, Director of ChangeStar and Kath Blaize Smith, our Account Director. The call should last no more than an hour.

To take part in the call, email us at We’ll then send you an invitation for the Zoom call. Please do share this invite with you fundraising colleagues and contacts – everyone is welcome.