Etherington Fundraising Review – how should charities respond?

The review just published on ‘Regulating fundraising for the future’ led by Sir Stuart Etherington recommends significant changes to the Fundraising Standards Board, the Institute of Fundraising and the Public Fundraising Association.

There’s been a lot of feedback from the sector about these recommendations, and the aim of this particular post isn’t to add to this feedback.  Instead, here are our tips on some useful actions that charities can take now in light of the review:

Action for charities to take now:

  • Ensure that your fundraising activities follow the Code of Fundraising Practice. This has not been changed, but would be worth double checking that you comply.
  • Review the level to which your senior managers and/or trustees oversee decisions about your fundraising activities, and consider increasing this. It won’t be practical to need approval of the everyday detail, and take care not to demotivate your fundraising teams.
  • Review your use of donor data, and make a public commitment to your donors regarding its usage.
  • Make it easy for your donors to opt out of communications from you, and let them choose the method they don’t wish you to use.
  • Tell donors (in a newsletter, for example) why you send them information. It’s because you need to tell them about vital projects that need funding, and you want to share the stories of the people or animals that you help. Reassure your donors that there are always valid reasons for writing, emailing or telephoning them and thank them for the support they have shown in the past.
  • Seek to inspire donors with your communications, and explore ways to build long-term relationships with them.

ChangeStar can provide further advice and guidance on the above recommendations – call Richard Docwra on 01273 964018 to arrange an appointment. We can help you observe the new recommendations, whilst still attracting great income results! We are experts in strategic planning at all levels – from organisational development plans to fundraising plans and supporter journeys.

Watch this space for another blog very soon on the Etherington fundraising review.



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